Bloody hell!

You’d nearly be tempted to ask:
What’s possessed her to call a neat, new restaurant the “Spelunke“?!
The devil? Or perhaps the god of the Danube Canal? A dirty imagination?

I suppose we’ll not find out
until we visit the Spelunke ourselves.

Let’s dive in!

The Spelunke has depth.
It’s deeper than the Danube Canal, darker than the crew’s humour
and deeper than some visitor’s cleavage.

Speaking of visitors: no matter where you’ve come from
or where you’re heading, you can leave your airs and graces at the door
and just relax and be yourselves at the Spelunke!

True to the motto:

Liebe Gäste,
wir ersuchen, bei Auftreten von Krankheitssymptomen,
die auf eine Covid 19-Infektion hindeuten,
von einem Besuch abzusehen.